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eCars - Now! global site has moved to HERE.

The eCars - Now! community was born at 2007 in Finland which still is the strongest base for the community's R&D. However, the true nature of the open source community is global.

The pages that you are reading now are the english section of the Finnish site before the time of the global site. We have moved most central material to the global site, which is also the up-to-date english site for the eCars - Now!. Here we do have some older material that we haven't yet found right place to move to the global english site.

As a correction to the older notion that the eCars - Now! will not offer cars outside Finland: The eCars - Now! as such will not offer cars anywhere! Instead, we are offering the open source blueprints of the electric conversion kits globally and leave the manufacturing of the kits to the markets. (The first notion was made when a group purchase seemed the only way to initiate mass production of open source kits. Today it seems viable that existing companies will start manufacturing as soon as the kits are finished enough.)

The english content of the Finnish site:

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Electric cars - Now! can be reached at: moc.liamg|woNsraCe#moc.liamg|woNsraCe

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